February Fitness for Kids!

“Adults call it work-out. Kids call it playing.”

Kids tend to incorporate fitness in their daily lives. While play is their everyday source of fitness, adding sports and other activities to their life will have added benefits for a long period of time.

It is proven that kids who were physically active grew up to be less lethargic, optimistic and ones with better self-esteem. Fitness is a very integral part of healthy adulthood and we at Fun City urge our readers to look into your child’s fitness, as currently they have no access to the outdoors as much!

Here are some ways to figure out what are the primary needs to keep your child fit.

  • It is ideal to engage kids in aerobic activities that involve a lot of muscle use — like swimming, dancing or running
  • It is important to plan bouts of light moderate and strong physical activity
  • Plan muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activities
  • Children are prone to generally building good bone strength naturally, formal weight programs aren’t needed, but are safe when planned and supervised

Isolate your child’s field of interest, start by communicating. Talk to them and encourage them to explore interests that can help them stay fit. Initiate conversation about their fitness and educate them about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, if they express disinterest.

The don’ts for a healthy childhood.

  • Limit your child’s time with sedentary activities like time spent watching television or on the phone
  • Don’t bar them from outdoor activities as a form of discipline
  • If they excel in a sport, don’t let anything stop you from nurturing their skill
  • Don’t dismiss their advances to play with you. Engage them in physical activities

It can get easy to immerse ourselves in our work life, which is why it is important to take the time and keep an eye on children’s screen time. While it keeps them occupied and sure it is a great source of information. But eliminating physical activities for extended periods can cause long-term issues like obesity. Don’t let their childhood be robbed, as afterall, playing in the great outdoors is a great way to a happy life!

Fitness Chart — 20 minutes a day!

The Pandemic Push

The most important topic to address in the current time is that children are facing a lot of issues and are in need of the ‘Pandemic Push’ where we extend a hand in keeping their mind and body healthy. From being lethargic to ‘preferring’ staying indoors, kids will soon forget what it’s like to immerse in the outside world. Which is why we implore you to do is to incorporate basic fitness to raise a healthier, happier child!

“Teaching kids about health & fitness is important to me. It’s about being fit for life.”

-Jackie Joyner Kersee




Fun City is a perfect indoor entertainment arena that combines rides, games, and play areas for a wholesome playful experience. www.funcity.in

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Fun City India

Fun City India

Fun City is a perfect indoor entertainment arena that combines rides, games, and play areas for a wholesome playful experience. www.funcity.in

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